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YES ITS ALL GO HERE AT THEEXILEDBRIT HQ! Well, we, urm, I don't have a HQ and well it is all go but in a very lethargic sense of the word.... I'm back, I've had a nice week off from writing the blog but now we are back to reality! Monday as it does so relentlessly has come round and slapped us in the face once more which means I have a NEW review for you. I am seriously excited to showcase Hendbury this week who actually go LIVE on kickstarter TODAY! Lets get on with the show shalllllll we?

I'm excited because I've been waiting a very strong minute to get my hands on these and give them a thorough test run in London. If you've ever been to the capital of England you'll notice that we've grown very fond of contactless over the past few years. With everything from fob keys to oyster cards, we are constantly tapping things onto other things. We've become obsessed! It does make things unbelievably easy but I always issue a word of warning, as it seems the money doesn't actually exist. ANYWAY, fumbling around with big wallets and having to reach into your back pocket every five minutes is honestly quite vexing, slim wallets have come in to save the day and I think Hendbury have made a stunning go at it.

The two designs are made of high quality aniline leather sourced from a British supplier and in addition to being able to hold up to 8 cards on the front which is RFID lined to prevent card clash (really handy when you have a contactless card and an oyster!) the back pocket is left free and predominantly used for you debit/credit card, so it isn't RFID lined allowing you to just tap the back and spend away. I also don't want you to think that I am biased towards London brands as sometimes it may seem on here. If you are a Londoner as I am sure a lot of you reading this are, we all know the pride we feel of our city and how sometimes it is exasperating seeing London slapped on everything and anything brands can get their hands on. Hendbury, along with Henry London and Tophat London have my approval and I hope yours as well, of using the name of our city.

When I first opened up the package these came in you immediately notice some sort of classiness. Enclosed within a small felt bag which itself is found within a sleek black box were the two styles you see above. Keeping it classic with black and brown leather, being sure to match most gentlemen's shoe collections. I for one think its great they've stuck with classic colours and not tried to go really out there, they seem unabashedly unpretentious. Not trying to shout out and grab your attention but rather sticking to what they do best.

It's nice to be able to roam freely without switching your wallet from front to back pocket depending on where you find yourself. Sliding this in your blazer or even bomber pocket will leave your jacket looking exactly how it was before and not like you're carrying a book in your pocket. Meaning that yes, whilst doing shoots now I don't have to constantly grab my wallet out of my bag when paying for coffee or a nifty whiskey. All in all I am extremely happy I've got my hands on these now as it has just cut out so much hassle in the hustle and bustle of London life. If you've ever caught the tube from Victoria station you'll know that as locals we are extremely unforgiving if you're not ready to beep your way through the barriers. Clean, classy and simple. Smashing work lads!

Always yours