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Cult Furniture.

God, it's been a while, hasn't it? A lot has changed since the last time I checked in on here for a blog post, not only for myself but over on Instagram as well as in the blogging world as a whole. I myself have taken a decision to really cut down on the brands I work with and really just want to work with who I want to. I've been boxed in by brands ever since I started and I don't think it's fair on me or on you, the people this content is created for. Therefore, this will not be just advertising for brands, it is an honest opinion, if a brand features on here, it is the best at what it does, leading the pack.

I am delighted to say I am working with Cult Furniture, a brand I really believe in, they combinemodern styling with a mid-century twistand as you should know by now, I love anything that combines the two. Beautiful design should be accessible to everyone who desires it. Whether it’s modern creations or timeless classics, everything is luxurious and innovative, it’s also actually affordable! Combining their big love for colour and iconic mid-century designs, they’ve set out to create fresh, dynamic designs, accessible to all. From the smallest desk lamp to a sofa you'll be sitting on for years to come, they promise that everything is brilliantly designed and on-trend, but importantly also has one eye on the future. When you buy from them, you're buying a piece that'll last long after the trends have come and gone and that is something I get onboard with.

I've picked out some of my absolute favourites from their store and tried to keep it all in a style that you could even use in your room. Who knows!?

There are two things that a person needs above all in my eyes, even above a bed. A desk and a bookcase. Why? Well, compare sleeping on the floor to trying to work on the floor. You can live with the first, obviously not forever, but working on the floor is about as annoying as trying to fill in a form without a hard surface to lean on and it's rude to keep books on the floor! So I've picked out the Putney Home office deskin walnut. Its a beautifully sleek desk that was built to be put in front of a window. It's the kind of desk that is begging to have your best pens left on it ready to be used. There is a small drawer for bits and bobs you don't want to leave on the surface and is long enough to have everything spaced out well, the number of times you have to accommodate everything onto a desk and you find you run out of space without even getting your laptop out of its case is infuriating.

For the bookcase, I think something a far cry from an Ikea Billy bookcase is a good shout, hence why I've picked out the Gemini wooden ladder bookshelf. It's minimalist enough to fill with books and you'll have enough space for paraphernalia like candles or plants to make the aesthetic in your room even better.

With a cracking bookcase and desk, you'll need two more things, obviously, a chair to work on and to read all the books filling your bookcase and a lamp so you can work or read well into the night. I think any lightingshould be the statement piece in a room and as soon as I saw the Comet Retro lamp I was hooked on it. Apart from being a definite conversation starter, it's modern enough to slip into most rooms all the while having a tinge of a throwback to the 60's and 70's that makes it irresistible to me. The light will never be invasive and in my opinion, even works as a bedside light.

The chair is a tricky one, do you go for a rolling office chair or a wooden one? What do you put underneath to bring the whole room together? Interior design can be an absolute minefield but keep within the colour scheme and it can be a doddle. There has to be a pattern involved, be it on a feature wall or on the floor in the shape of a rug. The short backed brown leather chairis a classic, keeping within the colour scheme of the products (it also comes in 5 other colours) accompanied in the style by the Asiatic floor rug. Made of 100% wool to keep your feet happy, it's a modern twist on traditional Moroccan rugs which I think shakes these picks up quite nicely.

As a final flourish, I think any desk should have a clock, there is something absolutely timeless about it. No matter how modern a room looks, a clock never looks out of place, in keeping with the style I've gone for the Fred Newgate clockthat has a classic face and a classy housing that would slot rather nicely on the end of that desk!

Yours truly

Luke Alland