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Scandic No.53

So as my time in London comes to an end and I reflect back on the months I have spent back in Europe, the absolute highlight has to be my trip to Stockholm. Not only is it an incredible city with amazing people, I stayed at the Scandic No.53 for 5 nights and absolutely loved it.

Off we flew with Norwegian Air from London Gatwick (I despise London Stanstead from the bottom of my soul) to Arlanda airport which was surprisingly easy. I would recommend flying with Norwegian, it's no frills obviously but it excels at the basics. From Arlanda it was only a short train journey on the Arlanda express directly into Stockholm Central Station.

On arrival to Stockholm Central Station a quick check on google maps (with thanks to the demise of roaming charges in Europe) revealed that we were literally just around the corner from the hotel. 5 minutes later and in the glorious sunshine we are checking into our Standard Plusroom. The staff and generally Swedes as a whole are embarrassingly hospitable and actually keen on speaking English (which they are incredible at by the way) so it was an absolute pleasure speaking to the front desk team, who even humoured me in my attempts to speak Swedish which was greatly appreciated!

Getting up into the room, I was impressed how clean and crisp everything was. Having worked at a Hotel in Germany for almost two years I know all the little secrets but this was something to behold. I mean I'm just going to put this in anyway but everyone knows the Swedes have an eye for interior design and absolutely nothing in the room was an eyesore, quite the opposite! Everything flowed into each other and there was ample space for all of our paraphernalia.

The Standard Plusroom is 17 - 21 m² and can accommodate up to 2 people. As I've said there is plenty of space as well as hooks and hangers for keeping your clothes in pristine condition (handy as the amount of linen I was wearing was insane). The room also has a desk for getting your head down or you can even, head down to the lobby where their lounge (which rivalled any good coffee shop I've ever been in) is always open for working, relaxing, or grabbing a quick coffee or cocktail! The bathroom is also very spacious with a brilliant shower, which is something I always appreciate in a hotel, the water pressure in my shower at home is not the best so it's nice to get a good shower in away from home! Also in the bathroom there are FACE Stockholm products to keep you looking and smelling fresh, they also saved me as I had completely forgotten to bring shower gel.

Obviously, like any self respecting hotel nowadays the WIFI is up to scratch and we had no issue whatsoever on the 4th floor. The view out of the window, whilst not the most amazing view was charming and as you may have seen on the story whilst I was there. I couldn't resist taking a photo every morning. Speaking of mornings, the breakfast was a GODSEND. Prices in Stockholm are very high and having the ability to stock ourselves up on some quality food every morning not only save the Kroner but also allowed us to have our well needed morning coffees. The buffet is extensive and I don't think we managed to try everything before leaving which was good to see. The staff in the morning went out of their way to make sure you had everything and were always on hand to assist with the coffee machine whenever someone had pressed a wrong button or to clear a table straight after someone got up.

On the last night we decided to try some food from the restaurant and we were not disappointed. The food was top notch and the service we received, not only that night but for the entirety of the trip was second to none. They didn't just serve us but rather hosted us and again it was nice to be able to try out my Swedish with them without them replying directly in English. Having the choice to eat breakfast and dinner inside or out was really nice as the weather for the entire trip was phenomenal. There was also not a difference in service and the speediness of the clean-up between the inside and outside which again was really nice to see that they didn't leave anything unattended.

Overall a superb trip, in superb company and looked after by a superb team at the Scandic No. 53. I would say to anybody that plans on going to Stockholm to stay here not just for the staff and service, but also for the location. Slap bang in the middle of the city and as I mentioned before only a 5 minute walk from the train station which itself is only 30 minutes away from Arlanda its a no brainer. You can walk to all of the major sites and encounter all the sights and smells of this amazing city whilst doing it. You'll be so busy taking everything in you'll forget how far you've walked!

As always click any of the photos to be taken to their website and if you have any doubts or queries be sure to hit them up as they are more than happy to help you with absolutely anything.

I look forward to seeing you all here again.

The Exiled Brit