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The Worlds End Market

(Spoiler alert, there is literally no point reading this if you are vegetarian or vegan, this is very meat heavy and one for the carnivores. SORRY)

Very recently the whole less is more vibe has got under my skin. I've had a huge clear out of my wardrobe and personal belongings, which in fact makes the things that I've kept more, personal. Strange is it not that we seek to acquire without end and consume without end but if for example, I said to you. What if you could only have one piece of meat this week? You'd want it to be stunning, something to write home about. Melt in the mouth cliche type of meat. Well, I can tell you for a fact. If I only had one meal in a week, I would be going to The Worlds End Market. I am going to try and put this into words for you all just how good the food was and that's before I get to the cocktails.

Welcome to The World's End Market. Located at 459 King's Road (SW10 0LR), who are the first in the UK to serve what has been described (duly I might add) as the finest meat on earth. Where does this succulent meat come from? José Gordón. There are only a handful of restaurants in Spain and even fewer in the world that are allowed to boast about the incredible cuts of meat that he provides and luckily for Londoners, there is a restaurant with a permanent collaboration right on our doorstep.

More than anything, this is an experience. From the moment you take your first bite here you will know that everything is so meticulously crafted and selected that you won't want to go back to ordinary food! The menu I was treated to as you can see above is incredible and to start I plucked for the carpaccio from the Entrecôte which is matured for 180 days in high-quality olive oil. As a main, I went for the Solomillo de Buey which was honestly the best steak I have ever eaten in my entire existence and finally for a dessert, I chose the Vanilla panna cotta although I must admit the Hazelnut and caramel cheesecake was also a taste sensation.

This bustling eatery is located an iconic Grade 2 listed building which formerly housed the World’s End Pub, with welcoming interiors flooded with natural light and design features that give the space a charming 1930’s canteen aesthetic. The restaurant’s vibrant atmosphere is enhanced further by renowned street artist, Ninth Seal, whose exclusive artworks hang throughout the venue. The restaurant has even integrated reclaimed materials from the Harry Potter Hogwarts set, such as an impressive intricate wooden door frame casing the restaurant’s extensive wine selection.

The food is only half the story, the cocktails, and upstairs bar are out of this world and if this was at the end of the world, I would be more than happy to travel! Once you have sat down and gazed at the cocktail menu, have a quick chat with the lads behind the bar who are in a word, dazzling. They will ask you a few questions about what flavours you like, what drinks you normally have and with that will rustle you up something incredible. You can have these either with your meal or go especially to the upstairs bar where they have everything you could possibly want. Enclosed balcony, stunning aesthetics and the staff who will go the extra mile and beyond to ensure you're drinking not only the best but the best of the best. They will leave no stone unturned in making sure you're not only enjoying your cocktail but that you will endeavour to boast about how good it is to your friends. Cue Snapchat and Insta stories.

I look forward to seeing you all here again.

The Exiled Brit