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As the sun sets on the English summer, I am turning my attention over to warmer climates. In particular to Italy. I've been asked to work with a brand that has fascinated me for years, and one that I am extremely happy to talk about today. Canali, founded in 1934 have stores from Azerbaijan to Australia covering the majority of the globe and ensuring that the men who venture into their stores leave them looking sharper and infinitely more sophisticated. As Autumn inevitably approaches and winter looms long into the distance, woollen suits are the best solution to arm you against the cold embrace that awaits

This dark blue Kei overcoat comes in a warm and soft pure wool fabric that is also happens to be water-resistant, meaning that it's a versatile and practical choice for the chilly and unpredictable London weather. This timeless piece is unlined, creating a relaxed yet sophisticated silhouette, and boasts distinctive details like a dynamic diagonal texture and fabric undercollar making it a refined outerwear style that pairs well with any look.

Navy suits are the staple of a gentleman's wardrobe. They pair with absolutely everything and the always ensure you're the sleekest man in the room. The understated classic that keeps on giving, no matter what. Canali have outdone themselves here, with a subtle red pinstripe that lends itself to wearing one of their striking silk ties. This Bordeaux tie with a floral medallion pattern in several shades of blue adds a swagger to any suit. It's sophistication slides off the knot and will draw many an envious eye.

Grey suits, being the edgier twin brother of the conservative navy suit always lends itself to a chivalrous check. The details on this 100% pure wool capri suit are second to none. Kissing buttons keeping your sleeves in check and with the correct posture the single breasted jacket makes you look like the James Bond's of old.

Oxford not brogues are words to live by, and were around long before Kingsman. There is something so timeless about a pair of Oxfords that almost always draw men to them. As with anything Canali do they have spared no expense in making sure that their Oxfords stand out from the crowd. A hand-buffed finish on the leather gives it a unique look and with a full leather sole to make sure that you not only look the part but feel it.

Of course, the base of all of this is a crisp shirt. One that hugs the body, but never too tightly, we don't want buttons flying off in every direction. Nothing, absolutely nothing beats a crisp, fresh long sleeve white shirt. As you may have noticed with everything I have picked so far, subtlety is king. This classic collared, micro-striped shirt means that you have to get right up close to appreciate the beauty of it. Mother-of-pearl buttons fasten the 100% cotton material which will not make you feel like a million dollars, but a billion.

As always, thank you so much for reading. Don't forget to keep an eye on the instagram, and remember, keep on being sharp.