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Arsante Sweden

Going to work day-in day-out is obviously a chore, unless you love what you're doing and making sure that you look good whilst doing it. The entire premise of me starting 'The Exiled Brit' was built on how I presented myself at work and therefore out in into the world. I am a user and abuser of briefcases and nearly always have something hanging off my hand rather than slung over my back and since I started using my Arsante briefcase for work I've found that there is due reason. It holds everything I need, laptop, ReMarkable, books, glasses, pens, cables and anything else I need to drag with me up to Old Street. The smell still hasn't faded and every day when I rest it on my lap to get my paraphernalia out it smells as if I have just opened it up from its box.

All too often now, and it has been mentioned in previous posts that not only I have done but in many other bloggers pages, quality is being sacrificed for the sake of not only convenience but also for price. For pieces like an Arsante briefcase you are getting exactly what you paid for, it will last and you can tell by the feel, smell and design it is been crafted. The Arsante brand was created from the philosophy of providing the finest quality in luxury briefcases, handbags, luggage and accessories making a statement against today’s consumer-oriented lifestyle. Their mission is to bring back the good old on-the-go luxury where comfortable style has materialised in design dominated by clean shapes, minimalism, and excellent quality.

An Arsante gentleman is style conscious, has an eye for detail, quality and a deep appreciation for products that are handmade in the Nordics to last a lifetime. Timeless, aesthetic elegance is a sophisticated element to work life. The bags are handmade from superior genuine leather with a cotton fabric lining and are produced in a family owned factory with decades of experience. Every detail is carefully selected, and the brand insists on sourcing and using the finest leather, linings and fittings to compliment each design. Overall, the Scandi's are taking over and are doing a right good job of it. Always yours

Luke Alland

The Exiled Brit