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The Ultimate Grooming Gifts

As with years gone by, we are always lulled into a false sense of security. The heady days of laying in the park after an England World Cup victory during the summer are long gone, not having to worry about your appearance because you were literally glowing with not only delight but with vitamin D, back are the scarves and the endless huddles of people shuffling towards work trying to protect every inch of themselves from the battering of those London mornings we wish we weren’t so acquainted with.

So get yourself well stocked for the winter, and keep your face looking as fresh as it did in July. Get your hair so striking that even the gale force winds can’t get you down and be sure to tell your friends. If you're struggling for presents, or just with winter itself, have a look down the list and why not treat yourself....

Get your beard and bits in order

The Brighton Beard Company

Keeping a beard as good as it can be is always a tricky prospect. There is never quite a one size fits all way to maintain them, therefore why should you skimp on the quality that you brush into it? The Brighton beard company have fantastic beard balm and oil that keeps your facial hair looking as good as your barnet, all whilst smelling like a dream.

Use BrightonBeard15 for 15% off!

The Bearded Man Company

A brand always elevating the standard as to how men keep their beards. A perfect Christmas gift to the beard you have in your life (or your other half's) would be their 24 beard oil sampler set, allowing you to try all of the scents you could possibly imagine and letting you get to grips with all manner of fragrances they have to offer. From Shampoo to beard repair oil, this is a one stop shop for all things beardy.

Below The Belt Grooming

.... and lastly, for your bits. Below The Belt Grooming have curated a cracking range of products to help keep your groin area as fresh as a daisy. With a solid selection of products to choose from for the active man, or just those looking out for their nads, there is definitely something for you and your bits to be feeling your best and most confident.

Look after your face and body

FIT Skincare

The FIT Eyedrate+ keeps those dark circles away and definitely keeps my tired eyes much fresher having used it after going for a swim. Easy to fit into your bag and even easier to fit into your daily routine, their moisturiser keeps your skin hydrated long after application and doesn't make you dread that walk to the train or tube in the morning feeling that your face is drier than the desert. Use: LUKE25 for 25% off in the shop!

Rugged & Dapper

Keeping your skin looking crisp and clean is hard enough week to week, but over the many months of the year and the ever changing seasons it gets harder and harder. Rugged & Dapper kit you out with everything you would possibly need from moisturiser to lip balm, their shampoo is also now one of my staples for when I am showering on the go, either after a swim or a sauna. Head over to their site and check out their full range.


If you are like me and finding that you are malting quicker than a Persian cat over the winter months, the RevivHair Max stimulating Serum is just the ticket to help you get it back under control. It not only helps bring the loss of hair under control but also helps your hair to grow back. This coupled with their astounding pre-shampoo serum (or RevivScalp Rejuvenating Scalp Serum Masque, for the more inquisitive of you) that came really just in the nick of time for me, helps keep flaking at bay, and stops that horrific itching you can just never seem to shake off, which I always seem to get in the winter.

Heinrich Barth

With an affinity to Hamburg like me, the great explorer Heinrich Barth is the main inspiration behind this brand, who take you on a journey with each individual product. From their minimalist designed essentials, like their SPF sunblock and moisturiser, to their more eloquent and exotic counterparts the Mykonos or Dakar tanning oils, they cover every single base and make you feel great both inside and out. Once you've smelt what they have to offer I guarantee there is no turning back.


British brand UPROAR are staunchly and proudly British, stocked by ASOS, with just a few clicks at the end of a shopping spree you can spruce up your scent. All in the knowledge that it is a natural brand. If you like keeping your pits smelling and feeling fresh as well as amazing shaving foam, be sure to check out their range.

Fudge Urban

If you like to keep your hair looking sleek and slick, then using Fudge Urban who by the way are keep stocked by Amazon, Boots and Tescos to name a few, lets you style how you want to, without any restrictions. Fudge Urban has a proud history and with the matte wax and especially the anti-gravity powder styler, I know my barnet is going to be kept exactly where I put it in the morning by the time I get home after work.

Still need to get something more?

Every man needs a watch, there is almost nothing more important than having a timepiece to complement a dapper look. George Etherington have a vast array of offerings available, one I am sure will suit the gentlemen in your life. From their more contemporary square faced offerings to their more classic round faced Clerkenwell, reminiscent of the area of London not too far from where I sit writing this.