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Pair of thieves

About six months ago I had the pleasure of visiting my brother in Los Angeles over Christmas for about 8 days. Whilst I was there I popped down to Culver City to check out and meet the lads and lasses from Pair of Thieves. My goodness was my knackers' life was about to change.

Honestly apart from the lovely hospitality (and I apologise this took so long to write) they showed me around and treated me to a fair few boxes of what I can only describe as the best underwear on the planet. The boxers are brilliant, they're snug, they don't ride up and as described to me, they are anti swass (sweaty... I'll let you fill in the blank). I've been using them as my 'go to' boxers ever since and they have yet to break or even have a tear in them.

Unfortunately unless a blogger has a stunning body they are unlikely to be willing to showcase these wonderful things off and (thankfully) you won't be seeing any underwear shots of me anytime soon as I fail to get myself up early enough to go swimming most days! Their SuperFit fabric is the best present you can buy your nads. Made of a very special, microfiber polyamide, it feels a bit like a basketball jersey, with 4-way stretch and form-fitting, it does not constrict at all. It’s also cool to the touch, ultra breathable, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, flat-stitched, and generally bloody amazing. Get ready to replace your entire underwear drawer.

Aside from their boxers, they have revolutionised socks. With as many styles that you can shake a stick at, there is bound to be a pair or two for you and with increasingly innovative ideas from subtle reflective strips on the Perfect Sport range to show up if you're out running at night to the 3 grip-strip no show sock that doesn't slip down. There are padded sections to each sock giving you support if you're running up and down or just around town.

When I first walked into their offices I couldn't help but notice a WALL of socks invading their workspace which I was quickly informed was the result of their Blackout + Whiteout promise. With every pack of Blackout + Whiteout socks you buy they give 3 pairs of socks to the homeless and judging by the quantity I saw that they were about to give away when swinging by 6 months ago, it has been a roaring success.

Thank you once again for hosting me last time boys and girls and I look forward to hopefully popping by again soon!

Much love to you all and this is just the start of the reboot!

Luke @TheExiledBrit